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Friends of Hospice of East Texas


Founded in 2009, the Friends of Hospice of East Texas are just what their name implies, a group whose mission is simply to be "Friends" of the Hospice of East Texas and ambassadors for its work.

With a membership of more than 100, the "Friends" gather twice each year for programs that inform and inspire them about the work of Hospice of East Texas. Each "Friend" has a special connection to the organization. Some are former board members, others have had loved ones who benefited from Hospice's care. Some just have a heart for what Hospice means and a commitment to exceptional care at the end of life. No matter their connection, each "Friend" wants to help Hospice of East Texas in some way.

Annual dues of $50 per member cover the group's expenses. Excess funds at the end of the year are donated to The Hospice of East Texas Foundation and used to support a program or project of the Friends' choosing.

Membership in the Friends is open to any person interested in making a personal commitment to support the work of Hospice of East Texas. For more information, contact Nancy Lamar, Vice President of Community Relations, at 903-266-3402 or