Friends of Hospice of East Texas

The next meeting of the Friends of Hospice of East Texas is Thursday, April 9th at 12:00 p.m.  We will meet in the Meadows Conference room at Hospice of East Texas and will be hearing from Nancy Lamar, VP of Community Relations about the non-profit difference.  Lunch will be served, so call Wendy Frizzell for your reservation at 903-266-3400 ext. 140. 


Founded in 2009, the Friends of Hospice of East Texas are just what their name implies, a group whose mission is simply to be "Friends" of the Hospice of East Texas and ambassadors for its work.

With a membership of more than 100, the "Friends" gather twice each year for programs that inform and inspire them about the work of Hospice of East Texas. Each "Friend" has a special connection to the organization. Some are former board members, others have had loved ones who benefited from Hospice's care. Some just have a heart for what Hospice means and a commitment to exceptional care at the end of life. No matter their connection, each "Friend" wants to help Hospice of East Texas in some way.


Volunteers at annual volunteer appreciation lunch

Annual dues of $50 per member cover the group's expenses. Excess funds at the end of the year are donated to The Hospice of East Texas Foundation and used to support a program or project of the Friends' choosing.

Membership in the Friends is open to any person interested in making a personal commitment to support the work of Hospice of East Texas. For more information, contact Nancy Lamar, Vice President of Community Relations, at 903-266-3402 or